Non Profits are dear to our hearts.

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We’re Here For Non-Profits and Organizations

Compass Printing Plus supports the mission, outreach, and overall effectiveness of Non-Profits and organizations. Local volunteers play a crucial role in addressing social issues, promoting positive change, and making a meaningful impact on Adirondack communities. We are truly amazed every single day at the astounding things they accomplish. We help with fundraising and marketing materials, event displays, educational resources, mailing services and guidance to find the most cost-effective and timely solutions!

While Compass Printing can’t always handle impossible deadlines, we certainly pride ourselves on the ability to make timely delivery of materials. We’ve been known to handle emergency print projects the same or next day. This is crucial for non-profits and organizations that need event and other materials on short notice.

We know Non-profits often operate on tight budgets. Compass Printing Plus can provide cost-effective solutions for your printing needs. Sound consultation on the most economical and efficient way forward help minimize costs while maintaining high-quality output. This allows non-profits to allocate more resources to their core mission and programs.

Compass Printing Plus is the region’s most experienced mailer, offering a full suite of products and services to ensure the highest return rate. We can design your mailing, print it, process your mailing list, and address your envelopes or other materials. We can also stuff, seal, tab, and deliver your mailings. We can help you get the best postage rate. And it’s all customizable for your needs and budget.

Compass Printing can produce essential materials such as banners, posters, event programs, and promotional items. These items extend the reach of the event’s impact beyond its physical boundaries.

Non-profits and organizations have many volunteers. Compass Printing is there to make sure brand awareness and adherence are top of mind.

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