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Fall Cleaning and Cheap Business Cards

Some people clean in the spring. We do that too, but we also clean in the fall because summer tends to be slamming busy and our production areas get pretty littered. So we tried to clean things up and it went pretty well. Angie even put up some shelves in our bathroom, nice touch.

We discovered, however, that we are overwhelmed with paper stocks that have either been discontinued or we no longer need and don't plan on ordering again. We have an abundance of 15 point card stock that would be awesome for business cards. It has a very light gloss and is quite stiff. Our new standard is 16 point, so it's almost the same. If you called and said, "I'd like some cards on that 15 point stuff..." we would give you a great deal. Let's say $10 for 100, $20 for 250, or $40 for 1,000. Add a second side for $10 more.

You could also say, "what else have you got that I might get a deal on, hmmm?" You might be surprised.

Of course, turnaround is second to none and you can pickup at our Saranac Lake store, but we do deliver to business customers in the Saranac Lake / Lake Placid / Ray Brook area. Just ask for free delivery please.

Call (518) 891-7050 to order or simply go to the Contact Us page and, well, contact us!